Quick Story

Network Simulation

QualNet: for accurate faster-than-real-time network simulations that can scale to large enterprise-wide systems.

EXata: for real-time network emulation and system-in-the-loop operation (integrating hardware, applications, and humans).

Design new network protocols and wireless waveforms. Plan and analyze network architectures efficiently. Test and evaluate equipment and software in real-world situations. Identify design, scalability or operational challenges with networks or applications prior to deployment.

Joint Network Emulator

Tactical battlefield communications systems are evolving to incorporate modern waveforms and software-defined radios.

The JNE real-time simulation platform provides military personnel and defense contractors with a live-virtual-constructive (LVC) environment to plan network architectures and missions, test new radios in operationally accurate contexts and "at scale" deployments, and train warfighters on operational behavior.

JNE provides a rich set of current and emerging communication technologies that include terrestrial, airborne and satellite networks for use in both lab-based and field exercise environments. A diverse set of fielded applications and systems have been directly integrated into JNE.

Cyber Training

Virtually every commercial, governmental and military network is continuously under cyber threat. Operators and users need to know how to recognize when they are under attack, and then how to mitigate any performance or security impact. 

Book learning, CBT and lectures can provide the theory, but where can you get real-world experience that's not on-the-job-training?

A Network Defense Trainer system enables guided free-play exercises which allow trainees to acquire measurable hands-on skills.

Govt & Commercial Contracting

SCALABLE provides custom software solutions and engineering services to commercial enterprises, defense contractors, US government agencies, research organizations and universities around the world.