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All SCALABLE products are essentially "platforms" that can be configured into many different "solutions".  The core communications simulation technology that drives SCALABLE products started out at UCLA as an advanced research project.  Over fourteen years in the commercial marketspace, it has been adapted and refined in many different ways for many different applications, and all of the components remain highly flexible.  In some cases, the C++ source code is available for virtually infinite customization by engineers with appropriate technical skills.

SCALABLE products can be applied directly to critical communications challenges, modeling the most sophisticated environments in very high fidelity.  They can also be easily federated with other simulation tools (via HLA and DIS) to create broad simulation systems.  Using the available real-time emulation interfaces, live hardware can be seamlessly integrated with a simulated environment and live applications can be run across the virtual network.

Short Video Demos

The two short videos below will give you a quick feel for what our network simulation platforms can do.  They both involve the transmission of surveillance video from an unmanned aerial drone back to a control center. One shows a 2D view of the environment, while the other shows a 3D view using the Scenario Player module.


In this video, a model of the communications network used by a large oil company operating in Saudi Arabia has been built.  The video shows a running scenario where the simulated virtual network model has been inter-connected with two live systems -- one generating a surveillance video stream and sending it across the simulated network to the other. Looking at the transmitter and receiver windows, you can see how the quality of the video varies over the course of the scenario execution as the various network elements and the commuications protocols interact.


In this video, a communications network supporting a DHS training exercise on the Santa Barabara coast is modeled. The 3D Scenario Player interface gives a realistic view of how diffrent network elements are interacting over the course of the scenario, and the transmitter and receiver video stream windows show the surveillance video quality as the scenario unfolds.



Use Types

SCALABLE solutions tend to fall into one or more of three basic categories:

  • PLANNING: researching and designing communications protocols, network architectures, and deployment models
  • TESTING: evaluating different designs and technologies across a range of potential operating scenarios; integrating & interoperating with live equipment to simulate behavior at scale
  • TRAINING: creating a "hands-on" environment where users can learn how a communications design works, and safely explore what happens when they get too close to the edges of functionality

The Military Analogy

You wouldn't go off to a battle without planning for supply-chain logistics, testing the weapons, and training the forces.  Arguably, communications is at least as important as any of those since without effective comms everything is at a standstill.

Just like the tools that do materials projections, or the live test ranges, or the combat training centers, SCALABLE provides the military with "virtual communications test ranges".  The buzzphrase that gets tossed around is: Lab-Based Risk Reduction.  Create virtual models in simulation that exercise the comms across all of the different scenarios that might occur.  Repeatable and cost effective.


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