EDU Program Terms & Conditions

SCALABLE reserves the right to obtain copies of papers, lab material, and sample models developed using a SCALABLE EDU Program license.

SCALABLE  reserves the unconditional right to terminate this license agreement at any time.

An EDU Program Teaching License is available for faculty members teaching university courses that are not independent study courses.  The Teaching License is valid for up to 30 computers.

At the end of the license term, the licensee may apply for a license renewal.  The acceptance of renewal applications, renewal prices, and renewal terms are subject to change and are at the sole discretion of SCALABLE.

The EDU Program Research License and EDU Program Teaching License are by default classroom versions of the QualNet simulation platform.  Some Model Libraries are provided in source form, while others are provided in precompiled form.  The library of models is subject to change without notice.

By submitting a SCALABLE EDU Program application, you certify that you have read, meet, and agree to the EDU Program License Terms and all the conditions as an educational user. You certify that you are an eligible participant in the SCALABLE EDU Program. You understand that SCALABLE can negate your eligibility to participate in its programs if any fact provided by you on the application is determined to be false.  

You understand that Academic Licenses are effective for a period of 1 year, at which time they can be renewed at the discretion and terms of SCALABLE.