Evaluate Communications Saturation During Conflict


  • A brigade combat team aggressively engages a similarly sized opponent in a dense urban area covering 60 square kilometers
  • High fire rates and constant warfighter mobility generates a very large amount of situational awareness (SA) data over the wireless tactical network
  • Physical topology variably impacts wireless signal strength
  • Civilians in the area, using commercial wireless communications, add to bandwidth and spectrum congestion

The questions posed by a US military organization included: 

  • Are there scenarios where there could be catastrophic failure of the communications environment due to peak burst levels exceeding available bandwidth for an extended period ?
  • At what point would voice communications be disrupted ?
  • How often would data latency exceed 8 seconds ?

SCALABLE software enabled the military to build detailed virtual models of the battlefield environment and link them to physical instances of both the mobile communications equipment and the overall networking fabric that they needed to evaluate.  They were able to identify situations where different procedures minimized communications drop-out.