Comms Modeling & Simulation

Use the QualNet platform for pure "as-fast-as-possible" simulation.  Use the EXata platform for simulation plus emulation for true real-time integration|interaction with live hardware and software.  Model any comms environment: wired or wireless, fixed or mobile.  Identify the scenarios that meet success parameters, and those that do not.




Cyber Training

Experience a virtual cyber range that includes mobile wireless environments.  Real-world unstructured exercises allow the Red Force to attack, while the Blue Force must first recognize an attack and then mount an effective defense.

EDU Program

Grad student?  University professor?  Looking for tools for teaching or research?  The SCALABLE EDU Program provides software and an online support forum.

Contract Development

SCALABLE also provides custom software solutions and engineering support services to major aerospace and defense contractors, the US Department of Defense, research agencies and universities around the world.