SCALABLE invites university students and faculty at accredited educational institutions around the world to participate in a partnership program to further both the science and application of network modeling and simulation.  We offer access to EDU versions of our commercial tools along with access to our community of users in support of:

  • Researchers and scientists working to advance the theory and technology of network simulation
  • Students learning networking concepts and technology who want to use simulation to investigate and solve real-world problems

The EDU-specific versions offer all of the functionality of the standard commercial products, which are widely used by large enterprises and governmental institutions around the world. The EDU versions of both QualNet and EXata support virtual network models of up to fifty nodes. EXata EDU supports two operational host system-in-the-loop connections. Both versions include the Developer, Multimedia & Enterprise, and Wireless Model Libraries, along with the corresponding source code.

The SCALABLE EDU Program provides qualified students and university research projects with a single-seat (one user) license for a SCALABLE simulation application for a one (1) year term for a reduced cost, as long as the license is being used for legitimate not-for-profit academic research or study. 

SCALABLE also offers teachers a 30-seat group teaching license for classroom use at reduced pricing.

Support for the SCALABLE EDU Program is provided by the online SCALABLE Community Forum at no charge.  eMail support directly from SCALABLE or an international distributor is available at a discounted rate. 

Responsibilities of EDU Program Members

  • Provide feedback regarding product limitations and opportunities for enhancement, thereby helping SCALABLE deliver better products
  • Be active on the SCALABLE Community Forum
  • Offer any component model libraries that are created by the SCALABLE community
  • Notify SCALABLE of any papers, studies or articles that reference SCALABLE products or technology so that they can be promoted on the SCALABLE website